Get comfortable kissing those frogs

Get comfortable kissing those frogs

Sales is a funny old place. It’s like Groundhog Day for first dates. Quickly assessing if we can solve something for the other person and if they’re right for us. Can I add value? Can I work with this person?

Expectations are high. You need to make every conversation count; otherwise, it’s a waste of time. Right?

Wrong. Sales is all about getting through the wrong conversations so the right ones stand out.

Enter the frog 🐸.

Frogs are those prospects who don’t fit what you’re looking for. And it’s inevitable you’ll meet them. While many salespeople dread the awkward conversations associated with frogs, avoiding outreach due to this fear can destroy pipeline and business growth. But if you want to grow your pipeline, the key is to embrace the uncomfortable and kiss a few frogs along the way.

Facing the fear of frogs

Sales paralysis often stems from the fear of rejection or wasted effort. However, avoiding outreach altogether due to the perceived risk of connecting with frogs can be more detrimental than the occasional awkward conversation.

It’s often a subconscious thing, too. The pressure of ‘getting it right’ kills momentum and stops you from simply getting out there and meeting new people.

So, how can you overcome this paralysis?

1. Don’t overthink it

Sometimes, the best opportunities emerge from unexpected conversations. Don’t let

preconceived notions or fear of rejection prevent you from engaging with potential prospects. Approach each interaction with an open mind, and you might be surprised by the valuable connections you make.

2. Avoid judging by appearance

Just as you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, don’t dismiss prospects based solely on their LinkedIn profile or initial information. Some of the best opportunities come from unlikely places. Take the time to delve deeper into conversations; you might discover untapped potential.

3. You’re not the centre of their universe

If you’ve prospected someone and they’ve slid into your DMs, and you’re thinking they need to fit your ICP more — remember that the person on the other end is unlikely to be as fixated on your conversation as you are. In fact, they’ve probably already forgotten you. So don’t be afraid to leave some conversations where they are.

4. Continuous learning and adaptation

Stay informed about industry trends and adapt your approach accordingly. It might just spark something that turns a conversation around for you. By embracing a growth mindset, you can navigate unfamiliar territory confidently. Continuous learning ensures that you remain agile and resilient in unexpected challenges.

5. Build a resilient mindset

Rejection is a natural part of sales but shouldn’t define your journey. Build a resilient mindset, focusing on the lessons learned from each interaction rather than viewing rejection as a personal failure. This mental shift will empower you to face frogs with resilience and confidence. We learn best from our mistakes and those moments that are harder to deal with than others.

Kiss those frogs and build momentum.

If you don’t already believe this, then there’s some work for you to do. But sales is all about momentum. It’s the driving force behind an active pipeline.

Not every prospect will convert into a winning deal, but maintaining consistent activity is crucial. As the adage goes, “Activity equals pipeline equals revenue.”

By embracing the uncomfortable, kissing a few frogs, and recognising that the journey to success is paved with both wins and lessons, you’ll become a far more rounded and successful salesperson.

Let’s wrap this up

So, what have we learned? Overcoming sales paralysis involves a shift in mindset and embracing the unpredictability of prospect interactions.

We need to recognise that awkward conversations are an inherent part of the sales process, and the growth of your pipeline depends on your ability to navigate them with confidence and resilience.

So, don’t let the fear of frogs hold you back; instead, see each encounter as an opportunity for growth in your sales journey.

Let’s pucker up and get on with it, shall we? 😘🐸

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