Slow it down: try a little perspective from time to time

Slow it down: try a little perspective from time to time

Your organisational structure and the frameworks you use can almost define your business – do you have yours in place?

Without them, it’s organised chaos at best and a shambles at worst. From strategy frameworks to sales processes, it’s critical you have some form of structure in place to keep your business ticking over as it should.

Structuring your business starting with your team and business functions is the right path to better unity, collaboration, and organisation.

Organisation is key

Chaos in your organisation just isn’t a good look. It turns off clients, it ruins morale, stresses your team out, and leads to nothing.

And you guessed it, the solution is becoming an organised business. Sounds simple, but the execution doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time, effort, and good decision-making to have an organised business.

One great way that leads a business to become organised in its process is by building the business from the inside - building the organisational identity.

Some ways to build the organisational identity are through:

  • Having a purpose: Your business needs to be led with purpose and incentives other than just to make sales; it needs to be built around the concept of creating value for others inside and outside your business. 
  • Creating values: Purpose drives the values that you instil in your business and is responsible for letting customers connect with your business as well as creating the code of behaviours for employees to follow.
  • Shaping your culture: Having the right team will make it easier to build a positive and collaborative culture. It’s important to find the right people for your business to create structure and organise daily business activities.

Slow down – not everything has to be done at pace

We get it, pace might correlate to getting to your destination quicker. But being hasty leads to oversights, chaos, and a lack of perspective.

What might have seemed like a good decision made at pace might be a rash decision after all. So slow it down, take some time, and gain some perspective.

Step back and take a minute – perspective is key

Perspective is critical. It can differ from one person to another, which is why sometimes an outside set of eyes is necessary.

Think for a minute. Take a step back. Breathe. Go grab a coffee. Heck, maybe even take the day off.

Taking that time for yourself, as a founder, is invaluable. So much rests on your shoulders, and on the shoulders of your leadership team, that just taking a minute to take stock of how far you’ve come and what’s coming up ahead can work wonders.

Sometimes, you’re just too close to your business to see the wood for the trees. Outside influences can be a good thing in this case, a fresh pair of eyes to see the opportunities or threats you’ve missed.

We’re not saying you’ve missed these as a result of incompetence, it’s just often a symptom of working so hard and being so close to the business that you just…miss them.

Perspective and organisation in your sales process

You just knew we couldn’t get through this article without touching on sales, didn’t you?

Your sales processes and frameworks offer you a structure that you can rely on, and only by stepping back for a moment can you truly see the benefit of them. The sales processes and strategies have to be practical enough that your team can pick them up and run with them.

It’s also about team alignment, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. With the right processes in place, you can empower your team to make decisions without you and stick to the gameplan.

To wrap this up

It’s oh so rudimentary, but slowing it down and having a little perspective from time to time can work wonders for you and your business. Not everything has to be done at a million miles an hour.

So for your own sanity, slow it down for a second. Take a step back, and take a deep breath. Review your processes and frameworks – are they still working as they should? Are the right people in the right places?

If you need a hand building your organisational identity, aligning your team, or getting your sales processes in place, give us a call – it’s what we’re here for.

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