Business design

Business design

4Roads are a digital agency that creates bespoke and up-to-date digital solutions for various clients in order to improve the customer experience. With over 10 years experience, they have become experts in the technological field.

Our brief

4Roads main aim was to move their business forward and take it to a target revenue of £1million. Although they had already grown to a good size with their own strategies, 4 Roads were focused on on unlocking more growth.

How we solved the problem

  1. Following Value Proposition work we had undertaken in the past, we tweaked the proposition over the years – but there had never been a pillar for strategy.
  2. We connected the proposition pillar with the brand new strategy pillar. There were Intelligent Self-Serve products, as well as community strategy products.
  3. With those in palace, we build the frameworks that 4Roads used to deliver the work, effectively building the entire strategy business unit for them.

Outcomes and solutions

Business design involved designing frameworks, processes, commercial offers, product offerings, and a value proposition. This was a collaborative exercise with 4 Roads , tapping into their existing knowledge and realising their potential.

We’ve been on a fantastic journey with 4 Roads, helping them to achieve their goals and realise their potential. The journey continues though, as we sit on their board and help coach them through their next stage of growth.

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