Sales strategy & process and sales team coaching

Sales strategy & process and sales team coaching

Alrec connect tomorrow’s shoppers to the brands that they love, and create best-in-class retail experiences with future-focused, technology-led, retail display experiences.

Our brief

For a successful market leading agency, Alrec were struggling to generate new business organically. Our brief was to work out how to go-to-market and create a new sales strategy and process that enables that to be successful. As part of this project, we also worked on team alignment, behaviour change, and strategy implementation.

How we solved the problem

  1. To get the most out of this project, we embraced the idea of winning hearts and minds through collaboration and creation of communication channels so all cards were on the table and everyone was aligned.

  2. The strategy we devised fitted around Alrec’s leadership team and their wider business goals, so it became a seamless implementation.

  3. To fully enable the success of the project, we worked with the team to create a reduction of silos and an increase in team alignments, changing behaviours along the way so that the strategy could be implemented perfectly.

Outcomes and solutions

We were blown away by the success of this project, with the strategy getting to work straight away and the team fully buying into our methods and how things might change.

We didn’t try and change the world on day one, but did manage to incrementally fundamentally change their business for the better. The real tell tale sign of success was the acquisition of the company in subsequent months as a result of their growth.

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