Value proposition design

Value proposition design

Kyan are a digital agency that provide the technical and creative expertise to help clients design and build digital products and platforms to suit their every need. With over 15 years experience they have developed a wonderful culture allowing them to create award winning products.

Our brief

Kyan were keen to make their business stand out and understand how to push through their unique offering to cut through their market. After developing a solid offering, they wanted to find that differentiating position between the value they add and their great culture.

How we solved the problem

  1. Kyan wanted to shift from being a design and development agency to being a technology agency that solved problems.

  2. We took Kyan through the Value Proposition framework to understand where their value sat, and how we could leverage it to help them stand out in the market.

  3. We found that their biggest differentiator was their people and culture, which drove them on to be the best that they could be.

  4. The Value Proposition framework was invaluable in pinpointing exactly where their skills and talents were, and how we could leverage them.

Outcomes and solutions

Kyan are now a technology agency powered by their people, with a heavy focus on sustainability and culture.

Their culture has, in some cases, been the difference between winning new business and missing out on it. Kyan have grown exponentially since this was carried out, with a headcount of over 50 highly motivated team members.

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