Go-to-market and value proposition audit

Go-to-market and value proposition audit

Sagittarius are a leading digital marketing agency, and are approved experts in Sitecore. They focus on experiences that convert audiences into customers, as well as strategy and real ROI.

Our brief

Sagittarius is one of the key high growth challengers in their sector, and with over 100 people in their team, it was critical that we succeeded. Their go-to-market strategy wasn’t working as it should, so we came in to conduct a GTM audit.

How we solved the problem

  1. The first thing we did was understand what was happening with Sagittarius’s own GTM strategy, what was working, and what wasn’t working.
  2. We then proceeded to analyse the competitor landscape and what they were doing, so we could benchmark ourselves and see where we could improve the strategy.

  3. We then looked at a set of recommendations for where we could improve the GTM strategy, compared to the competition. At the same time as this, we conducted an audit on their value proposition to understand if their positioning was fit for purpose compared to the industry leaders.

Outcomes and solutions

Off the back of our in-depth dive, we were able to compile a comprehensive list of recommendations on where Sagittarius could improve both their Value Proposition and their Go-To-Market strategy.

The result was a fully functioning strategy and positioning statement, helping the agency become fit for purpose again.

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