Market challenges

Market challenges

Sagittarius are a leading digital marketing agency, and are approved experts in Sitecore. They focus on experiences that convert audiences into customers, as well as strategy and real ROI.

Our brief

Sagittarius needed to understand what problems were in the market, where their customers were, and how their marketing and products could talk to those problems in order to drive new business. We came in and rolled up our sleeves to get under the hood of the business and see what was what.

How we solved the problem

  1. Firstly, we took Sagittarius through our market challenges framework to pinpoint past problems, present problems, and future problems for their industry.

  2. As part of this process, we were able to understand how Sagittarius’s products could solve those market challenges, and feed that into their value proposition so that their positioning was up to date and relevant once again.

Outcomes and solutions

This was an invaluable process for a large agency that needed a fresh set of eyes on their business.

By bringing in a fresh perspective, Sagittarius were able to understand how their business could attract new businesses by solving existing problems with products that they had already refined.

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