Sales ladder design

Sales ladder design

Sagittarius are a leading digital marketing agency, and are approved experts in Sitecore. They focus on experiences that convert audiences into customers, as well as strategy and real ROI.

Our Brief

Sagittarius have large, high consideration purchases in the arsenal but were struggling to get new business through the door on a lower level. It was critical that we evaluated the existing sales ladder and designed a new one that brought more low-hanging fruit for new customers to enter the brand with.

How we solved the problem

  1. Firstly, evaluated Sagittarius’s existing sales ladder and found that there was a lack of smaller, lower consideration products that got customers through the door.

  2. As part of sales ladder design, it’s critical that you have Gateway products to bring new business into the brand and then ease them along the ladder towards Core and Premium products.

  3. We redesigned the sales ladder so that it spoke to the market challenges exercise that we had already conducted, and introduced lower-hanging fruit for brands to buy in to.

Outcomes and Solutions

Brands don’t change their providers or digital experience platforms often, or without great consideration.

We managed to introduce new products to the sales cycle to speed up the cycle and ladder up to the bigger pieces of work.

Ultimately, we sped up the sales cycle and created new offerings to help Sagittarius grow.

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