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Sales strategy and process design

Sales strategy and process design

Refreshing your existing strategies and processes can drive faster business growth. It needs to leverage the value you offer while empowering your team.

The aim is to create a practical solution to optimising your business strategy – one that your existing team can make their own and lead the way with.

A new business strategy is only as good as the process, culture, and rigour that sits behind it – let’s get into the detail.

The topics and themes covered:

  • Market challenges
  • Sector targeting
  • Prospect profiling
  • Tactics
  • Deal enablers
  • Channel strategy
  • Thought leadership themes
  • KPIs
  • Pipeline touchpoints and gateways
  • Customer touchpoints and rules of engagement
  • Value definition
  • Embedding of tools into the process
  • Reporting structure and rhythm
  • Roles and responsibilities definition
  • A new business community for knowledge-sharing and learning

This project will deliver the following outcomes:

  • A clear and executable strategy that will reshape the new business operation, along with individual tailored plans and a defined toolkit
  • A clear and executable process that will drive the new business engine, as well as an optimisation plan for the use of tools such as HubSpot


Dependent on the size of business and scale of the challenge. 

Payment terms: 50% in advance and 50% upon completion

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